"Can you hear me?"
Have you ever listened to Adagio in G Minor? It is one of my favorite classic music. It has strong emotion and I put a lot of my feelings into this painting. 
Asian culture inspiration 
The Eagle
Dirty Bird Campout
As a fan of music festivals, Dirtybird is one of my 
Cartoon Fav
Galaxy Painting
Materials: acrylic paint on canvas 
Japanese traditional art creation 
What does Japan known for? The first thing I will say is SAKURA. And I know it is only one of the reasons but it is a icon of Japan. When I was a kid, my mom always took me to hanami(cherry blossom). Of course I love sakura, they are very simple but pretty, aaand smells good. So I was thinking why don't I create something with sakura, and here we go. 
The first one is inspired by one of the famous Japanese painting "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". 
The second one is inspired by the Japanese Raytheon.
Traditional Chinese Art
Tigers howl with the rise of winds. Great men appear in response to the call of the times. 
Something small
Pop Art

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